3 Ways to Use Your Body Language to Feel Good About Yourself

Did you know that in 1973 a man named Nikolaas Tinbergen won the Nobel Prize for studying behavioural patterns in animals. He explained how posture affects all the systems in our body, not just on joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, but on the immune, respiratory and endocrine systems too. All can reflect and be linkedContinue reading “3 Ways to Use Your Body Language to Feel Good About Yourself”

9 Benefits of the Joint-Freeing Series in Yoga

I’ve previously written about the joint freeing series in yoga, often used as a foundation sequence in classical and integral yoga. Not just for beginners, it’s also a great tool for more advanced students too, to practise focussed awareness on small movements and subtle flows of energy. Today I’ll be sharing how to use theContinue reading “9 Benefits of the Joint-Freeing Series in Yoga”

What is yoga therapy?

Great question. Isn’t yoga therapy the same as yoga? What is the difference? Yoga therapy takes the practices of yoga – postures, breathwork, meditation, awareness of body and mind, relaxation – and applies them to manage specific health conditions or needs. Yoga has a host of therapeutic benefits so a yoga therapist would see what the individualContinue reading “What is yoga therapy?”